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The piano is the most widely recognized beginner instrument. It is an incredible instrument for students who might need to take band or orchestra when they are older. Piano students can get familiar with a varieties of musical styles and kinds, from traditional to jazz to contemporary.

There are many piano courses to choose from, allowing students and their families to choose an option that best fits their budget. One of these courses is "Pianoforall".

This is why I put this review together. To go over what the online piano lesson is all about and how effective it is in helping people learn how to play the piano better. Enjoy!

Why Pianoforall?

Pianoforall was created by a team of enthused pianist with over 30 years of experience. The program became necessary because the team were fed up with the quality of "Learn piano online" products on the market.

Together, the team has taught over ten thousand students, they have a great understanding on how to teach piano effectively.

Is Pianoforall for you?

The first question you need to ask yourself before you jump into using Pianoforall is how serious are you about learning piano.

If you are the type of person that get bored watching videos or reading books, I would recommend you to opt for a private lesson.


If you are a novice that want to learn how to play piano like an expert in a short period of time

If you are an amateur player that knows about the keys, but need more traditional training

If you want an all-around course with a lot of lessons in a variety of media formats which includes audio files, videos files, games, books etc.

If you want a traditional system of learning piano. The focus and methodology is the same as what you will get in private lessons.

If You don’t want to waste thousands of bucks on a “hit-or-miss” personal piano tutor

Then, this piano course is for you

Grab it at 60% off now!


What Will Pianoforall Teach Me?

In Book 1(Party time, Play by ear, Rhythm piano), you will learn the following.

You will learn about chords

You will learn 10 classic party rhythms

You will learn piano chords ballads

You will learn keyboard diagrams, tricks, bluffs, formulas and a lot of progressions.

In Book 2(Blues and Rock "N" Roll)

You will learn blues and Rock "N" Roll piano rhythms which can be used to play hundreds of instantly recognizable songs.

In Book 3(Chord Magic)

You will learn piano memory tricks, progressions, and chords inversion etc. This will help you to play the piano with speed and mastery.

In Book 4(Advanced chords made easy)

This will help you to learn and master advanced piano chords in an easy way through a selection of songs, progressions, and a rhythm chart.

In Book 5(Ballad styles)

You will learn how to create ballad and styles using chords

You will learn how to create melodies using chords

In Book 6(Jazz piano made easy)

You will learn how to play traditional Jazz piano

You will also learn about modern Jazz improvisation runs, riffs, blue scales and patterns etc.

In Book 7(Advanced Blues and Fake Strider)

You will learn how to play "fake Strider" and a version of the entertainer and also expand the blues practice using the rhythms.

In Book 8(Taming the classics)

This tackles classic piano pieces by learning to play by ear and read sheet music through the techniques taught.

In Book 9(Speed learning).

This contains fun but helpful exercises in progressions, scales, etc. This helps to learn and understand better, easier and faster.

In Addition,

This course also comes with a lot of videos and audios(200 videos and 500 audios) samples which can be played from the ebook. This also makes the learning of piano easier.

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